Natural Society 3-28-14… „History Made: Brazilian Court Says No to Bayer GMO Corn, Sets New Legal Precedence“

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natural_society_140328_no_to_gmo_article Just a reminder to those who may think Monsanto is the only GMO crops producer. Bayer’s a pretty big player, too. In my mind, this is one of many examples which shows that in many countries, particularly BRICS, GMO crops are not being blindly approved by those who are paid off by the big multinationals.

„Bayer is a multinational company with interests in spreading their products, like Liberty Link corn, into numerous agricultural markets. This legal action in Brazil halts that effort in an enormous way. The Federal Court’s decision was made on the grounds that insufficient studies were conducted to assess risk of Bayer’s GMO crop.

„Finally, somewhere in the world where judges aren’t paid lackeys of Monsanto, Bayer, Syngenta, Dow, and their biotech boys-club – Federal Judge Candido Silva Alfredo Junior read his ruling for over an hour, stressing the importance for studies on the negative impacts of…

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